Adobe AEM Tutorials

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Through New York University's Digital Communications Group, the University offers central administrative units the ability to create and manage web content related to their departments on the official university website. NYU uses Adobe Experience Manager as a web content management system (CMS) and the Digital Communications Group offers support through group training, online tutorials, and recorded training videos.

CMS Training and Support landing page

Online Training and Support

The CMS Training & Support page is the main online resource for all content editors of the NYU website. It serves as a landing page containing introductory tutorials, advanced training material, and details on how to add new users. Training content gets updated based on feedback from users.

Getting Started

Step by step online tutorials were created to provide new and existing users the basic CMS information they need to update content on their pages. The overall format of this training section was designed to guide a new user along the steps they may take when first learning about the CMS.

Component Tutorials

Each individual CMS component has a text based tutorial that follows a standard format to provide a consistent training experience. Accompanying each tutorial are component examples and screenshots within the CMS. Due to the recent redesign of the NYU website, individual component tutorial videos have not yet been added but will be added shortly.

In Person and Online Training Sessions

Content editors are provided with multiple opportunities to receive basic CMS training. Sessions are offered in both a traditional classroom and hands-on setting. Introductory level sessions, as well as specialized topics, have also been recorded and made available online for users to access as needed during the content editing process.