NYU Global Home Tutorials

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About this Project

The redesign of the New York University internal web portal (home.nyu.edu) introduced the NYU community to a new way to interact with academic, work, and university life services. A teaser video along with a series of brief tutorials were introduced to accommodate this transition. By utilizing the basic design elements, typography, and color palette of the new Global Home, I was able to ensure that the teaser and tutorial videos provided a unified experience for viewers.

Teaser Video

The teaser video needed introduce viewers to concepts that would be explained in depth at a later point. To provide a consistent visual identity across messaging related to the redesign, I leveraged the same iconography used in the new web portal.

A listing of all key features and their associated icons was provided toward the beginning of the video so viewers could begin to connect the two. Visualizations of each key feature using the same design elements were then shown before again listing the key feature and associated icon.

Because the entire user interface and terminology changed with the new Global Home, the repetition of design elements and key features helps to familiarize users with the new web portal.

Tutorial Videos

A total of six tutorial videos were created to acquaint users with the major features of the new Global Home. They expanded on the iconography from the teaser with screen recorded web portal interactions and tutorial voiceovers.